Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't show you what I've been working on all month.   The special project is now a little over 3/4 the way done!   I figure I have about 2 more weeks of stitching to do on it and it will be done.  Then I can get back to the Dance of the Graces.

I have also signed up for a Christmas Ornament Exchange on TT2.   The ornament is all stitched and all I need to do is just finish it.

I'm still waiting for the materials to arrive for the Chelsea Project.  Can't wait to see what page I'll be stitching for this project and to get started on it.  Want to get this done and back to be finished into the planned quilt.

I just found out about a 2012 WIPocalypse SAL for next year.   Sounds very interesting.  I may consider doing this as I will still have the Dance of the Graces and a few other projects slated. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just completed pages 6 & 7 for a total of 28 pages done on the Dance of the Graces. This puts me at 56% done on this piece! I only have 28 pages (4 rows) to go for a finish! Yay!

But, I'm going to put this aside for now and work exclusively on my special project until it is completed.

I'm still awaiting the materials for the page that I've signed up to do for the Chelsea Project for the quilt. Of course, once that has been received, I'll stop working on everything else until this has been done and sent back off to be quilted.