Monday, November 18, 2013

IHSW Update

Last weekend was IHSW!  

I was VERY productive last weekend!

Started and completed part three of Lizzie Kate's Holly and Hearts Sampler.   While I still love the sampler overall (especially the soft colors), I didn't particularly enjoy stitching this part.  I absolutely HATE stitching houses!  They are in a word.....BORING!  But it is done!   And I DO love the final outcome!

I also downloaded and completed part 8 of the Plum Street Samplers Mary II Sampler.  Was VERY pleased to NOT see more stars!  However, I did feel that she could have had us stitch more on it this week.  Especially as she is hinting that next week (which is the final week) will be a doozy!

AND......I was also able to get a start on the car seat blanket that I am knitting for Baby E!

Overall a VERY productive weekend!  Am very happy with all I was able to accomplish!

Until next time my friends...... Have a Happy Stitchy Day!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just a quick post to show that Dance of the Graces did indeed get some love this week.  In fact,  they were sooooo demanding that I quickly got not one but TWO pages completed!   We are on the final 2 rows of this piece.   With only 12 pages left to go!  I will be working the last two row of pages together from this point on as the last row is only 12 stitches deep.

This weekend is the IHSW weekend.   I intend to do part 3 of the Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts Sampler and Part 8 of the Plum Street Mary II Sampler.

Until the next time,  have a wonderful stitchy day!

Monday, November 11, 2013

It would seem that my stitching mojo is making a comeback!  Yay!

Since my last post, I have gotten completely caught up on the Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler.   And just in time time too!   As I just received part 3 in the mail Saturday!

I am also keeping up with the Plum Street Samplers Mary II Mystery Sampler.   Only two more parts to go on this one......

PR Into the Deep Mystery also saw some love this week.   I fell waaaaay behind on this one due to all the things that have happened over the past several months.   All the parts have been released, but I was still on part 4 at the beginning of last week.   Part 4 is now complete  (sans beading)...

While I should either work on Lizzie Kate or PR......I think I will pull Dance of the Graces out this week and work on it.   Those girls are starting to get really loud and calling for my attention!

Until next time,   Happy Stitching everyone!