Thursday, October 11, 2012

Busy times are ahead!  The wedding is just on the horizon and there is still a lot to be done!  It is to be an outdoor wedding and we are just praying that the weather will be glorious.   But all it's wanted to do here recently is rain!  We are definately keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed!

I did get DD's Bride's Purse done.   (Pattern was from Cross Stitch and Needlework, May 2009.)  Had a couple of mishaps in the cutting, but I was following the pattern directions and cut where they said to only to find out that I should NOT have cut there.  But with a bit of Stitcher's glue and invisible thread, was able to repair it.   As long as DD is gentle with the purse, all should be fine!  Here it is......... although I think I will add a little beaded handle to it....

I put in some time on Lizzie Kates Very Scary Mystery Sampler and got it finished.   Still undecided on how to finish it though.   I'm going back and forth between a bellpull or framing it.

I have started my next Hardanger.  I joined the Yahoo group The Stitch Specialists.   They are doing a SAL called Confetti of Hardanger.   I was a little behind when I started mine, but have just about caught up.  Parts 1-4 are done.   I have started part 5 and part 6 should be released this weekend.   I'm loving how this is turning out so far!   I've chosen to do this on 32 ct Summer Sky using #8 and #12 DMC Perle 3753 and Caron Wildflowers Williamsburg.

Also managed to put in a "little" bit of time on Dance of the Graces.  Again, not much of a difference, but a stitch is a stitch!


Lately I've been in a knitting mood.   So I've decided to try my hand at knitting a shawl.  Never done one before. But love the delicate look of them.  Wish me luck!
Until next time my friends!  Have a GREAT STITCHY DAY!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting back into the Swing of things....(picture intensive)

  Sorry it's been sooo long since my last update.   No, I  haven't dropped off the face of the earth!  But I have been quite busy!  Now that things are (hopefully) winding down, I'll be able to keep up with this blog better!

  Since the first of the year I have stitched 5 special of which has already been given to the receipient.  The other 4 won't be given until Thanksgiving!  Pictures of those 4 will have to wait until they have been given.   But let me tell you,  I'm going to have a very HARD time letting those pieces go to the people that they were intended for!  I love how they turned out that much!  

  Here's the one that was given though.....the Sea Babies Afgan.  This was stitched for a young lady that grew up with my DD.  She had her 1st child just after Independence day.  A BEAUTIFUL little girl!

  I also did an exchange at Sampler World on Facebook.  Made a pincusion for Ann Mejais using a motif from Ink Circles Metamorphosis on 28 ct Monaco.  Turned out really well.  


  In exchange I received a lovely Quaker Pinkeep from Tania O'Connor Kleckner.  It is my 1st Quaker piece!   She did such a lovely job on the stitching!   I absolutely LOVE it!
  On the stitching front I've been doing several different things,   I've continued with HEAD SK Blue Moon, HEAD Dance of the Graces (although not much progress on either of these have been done). 


      I also joined in on the 2012 Passion Ricamo Mystery SAL.  This is a 12 month SAL where a portion of the pattern will be released on the 1st of each month.  So far 3 parts have been released.  I have only stitched 2 of the parts to date.  Hope to have the 3rd part done before the 4th part is released on the 1st.
  I am also doing the Lizzy Kate Very Scary Mystery SAL!  I am missing one color, Clockwork.  But other than that, the first two parts are done. 
  And finally, but not least,  I'm working on my 1st Hardanger.   A Brides Purse for DD's wedding in November.  I've almost got this done.  Just lacking the final round of beads and the lining.  Once that is done, I can make the cuts and attach the satin ribbon.  So far it's not been as hard as I thought it would be!
   Well......I think I've taken up enough of your time for now my friends.....Until the next time!   Have a great stitchy day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's been awhile since I've updated.  I apologize for being away for so very long.  But I haven't been idle while away.

Very little work has been done on Dance of the Graces since my last update.  So little in fact, that it's not worth taking a photo of.   This had been put away so that I could work on the special project and baby afgan.

The Special project has been completed.  Unfortunately, I hesitate to post a completed photo here as I don't know if the person for who that is intended checks this blog or not.  So, to be on the safe side, I'm not going to post it for now.  This will have to wait until after the gift has been given.

The Baby Afgan is coming along nicely.  I've got 7 of 13 squares completed and have started the 8th square.  Here's some photos of some of the completed squares.


I've also done a little bit more on SK Blue Moon.  Not much, but as I said, I've concentrated most of my efforts the past two months on the special project.

Now I'm getting ready to start yet another special project that is a Christmas gift and unfortunately, I won't be able to post ANY pics of this one as I go along either.  The fabric for this is a hand-dyed from Picture This Plus and is absolutely gorgeous.  This week I'll be getting the threads needed so that I can get started.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 so far!

I DID manage to get the row completed on Dance of the Graces before the end of 2011, which was my goal!  I'm so pleased with myself for being able to do this.   Now I'm going to put this away for awhile (or at least until they start screaming at me again), as I really need to get back to work on my special projects.   I also have a baby blanket to get stitched by July.

I've spent time working on a Victoria Samplers Ort Bag off and on (taking classes) since September.  Last week I completed the last panel of the bag.  Now all I have to do is assemble it.  I've really enjoyed working on this and have learned several new stitches.  It is also the 1st time I've ever worked with Silk threads.  I could really get spoiled working with silk!  Shame they are soooooo expensive!

One of DD's childhood friends is pregnant and is due in July.  I am stitching a Baby Blanket for her.  She is into ANYTHING nautical.   So, I'm stitching Stoney Creeks Sea Babies for her.  There are 13 blocks in total.  I've got 1 1/2 blocks done so far.   It's turning out really cute! 

I've also joined the 2012 HEAD SAL and have signed on to do the SK Blue Moon by Linda Ravenscroft.  I'm doing her on 28 ct Dwarf Laguna, 1x1 full stitches.  This is BY FAR the smallest I've EVER done.  My start did not go at all well!.   Started it out with 2x1 and did not like the thickness and had to frog.   Frogging on 28 ct over 1 was NOT fun!  Then after I restarted it, I realized I have my x's backwards.....LOL.....  I absolutely REFUSE to frog it again!   So........I have to make a concerted effort to REMEMBER to do the stitches backwards!   On top of that, I didn't make much progress this past week, as I was out of about 20 colors and I hit a large section of the chart where the missing colors were!   I now have the missing colors and will put a little time on this here and there!

I spent quite a bit of time on my special project so far this month.  Completed an entire page of the pattern and have already started on the next page.  I'll be spending most of my time on this and the baby afgan in the upcoming weeks.