Friday, June 28, 2013

Last weekend was a 2nd IHSW bonus weekend! 

I worked on (and completed) the Ink Circles RYO SAL.  LOVE how this turned out!   It was a very fast stitch! And it was sooooooo very easy to pick my own colors!

Last month I was part of an exchange on Tiny Treasures Exchange II.   We did Scissor Cases for the exchange.  I had never done one before.  The one I did has not yet been received, so I can't yet show how it turned out.   But the one that was done for me by Amanda is just beautiful!   She combined my two favorite things --- Butterflies and the color yellow!

I also found some time to start and complete part one of the LHN Song of Season SAL.   This was a very quick stitch as well.   Can't wait for the next part to come out!
Unfortunately, not much work got done on Confetti of Hardanger.  I did get the cutwork done, but was unable to really concentrate on the pattern.  So have put this aside for now.
While waiting for the next parts to Song of Seasons and Into the Deep to come out......I have dragged Dance of the Graces back out of the UFO pile.   That hasn't seen any love since January!
Well......That's it for me......Have a Great Day everyone!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Late IHSW Update

Last weekend was IHSW.....snuck past me!  But I wasn't idle!

Since my last post I have completed 2012 PR Mystery SAL!  I absolutely love how she turned out!

I have also started the Ink Circle RYO SAL.  At first I chose to go with the 738 colorway, but the browns just got totally lost in the design!   So I ended up with the 434.   LOVE how this is turning out so far!   Four pages and a partial to go!  Hope to have this one finished soon!

The new 2013 PR Mystery SAL started on June 15th!  I ordered my fabric (Caribbean Tides) from Leslie at Under the Sea Fabrics!  It is just GORGEOUS!!!!  AND......have also finished the 1st part already with the exception of the beads!  And this design is going to be LOADED with beads!

This weekend I have pulled Confetti of Hardanger back out and will be working on the final part.  Hope to get this one finished over the weekend or early next week!  Here is how it looked the last time I had it out....

I have also signed up for the Little House Needlework Song of Seasons SAL.   Received all the materials in the mail yesterday.   Depending on how far I get with Confetti, I may pick that up and do part one.....

AND........the final surprise gift that I had worked on back in 2010/2011 was FINALLY given to my brother!   So I can now show you what I had worked on WAY back then.....LOL.  Snow Leopards are his favorite animals of all time and he was absolutely tickled by the gift!

And.....last but not least,  my husband has been slaving away making this......

....for our 1st grandchild due in August.   It isn't quite finished yet, but is getting close!   This is his 1st piece of furniture!  I'm soooooo proud of him!   He is doing such a beautiful job on it!

Well.....that's it for now folks!