Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pay It Forward

I am joining the PAY IT FORWARD circle. Would you like to be a participant of this circle? To the first 3 people that post a comment, I will make a small cross-stitched item within one year of the deadline (April 4, 2010). There is however one will in turn need to continue the Pay It Forward circle by posting the game on your BLOG and making pressies for your Pay It Forward participants.


Lynn said...

Hi. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! If you'd send me your email address I can reply to your questions a bit easier in a email. I tend to get kinda long-winded..ha! Have a GREAT week and Happy Easter too!

Ronel said...

Hello Melissa, I would love to be part of your PIF. Regards Ronel, Cape Town, South Africa

Honeybee said...

Hi Ronel! Lovely to see you over here! Welcome abord the PIF train!