Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WoooHOO!!! Another page done! One and a half to go and this row will be done! Stitchwise, this is a little over 1/2 way done. I have about three more rows to put on the bottom an the piece will be complete.....but those rows! Very Detailed!

I've kind of put my other project aside for the moment. I want to get this top row of the Dance of the Graces done. Then I'll pick the other project back up and will probably finish it before going back to the Graces. That project is almost 1/2 done as well.

I've also signed up for a Charity project to stitch a panel for a quilt. On one of my Boards (HEAD BB) a young lady who had severe health issues last year (heart & double lung transplant recipient) died suddenly a week ago. She was a much loved member of the stitching community. She had commissioned a HEAD chart prior to her demise but never got a chance to stitch it. The community (a group of about 20 stitchers) have banded together to each stitch a portion of this chart and then to quilt the entire piece together. The quilt will then be given to her mother. I'm just waiting for the materials to arrive to get started on my piece.

Recently I found a Cross-stitching group here locally. Had my first "stitch-in" with them this past Saturday. Had a Great TIME! It was really nice to be able to spend time stitching with others who share the same passion that I do! I really look forward to spending other Saturdays with this group!

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Trish said...

What a wonderful gift the quilt will be for the mother of the young lady you wrote about. She will cherish it always. God Bless all of you!!

Your Dance of the Graces is absolutely beautiful. So much talent in those fingers of yours! You are a very special lady in your own right, and I am so very proud to be your mother!! <3