Tuesday, February 19, 2013

IHSW, Blogversay Give away & Woodland Babies

This past weekend was once again IHSW!   WooooHoo!   I chose to work on the Woodland Babies Afgan (see below for more info).  Worked on the Chipmunck Square.....  Here's how it looks as of this morning (there is a picture below of how it looked at the beginning of the weekend).


I started working on the baby afgan for my 1st grandchild that is due in August.  I am working on Stoney Creek's Woodland Babies.  Stitching it on 18 ct Fireside Afgan material.  I am making this larger than the normal size as I want it to be crib size.  There will be 17 stitched squares instead of there normal 13.  So far I am totally enjoying working on this!

Confetti of Hardanger also received a little bit of love.    I did the "Curved Fan" in one of the center blocks.   Was a fun stitch to do once I got the hang of it.   But I'm not sure I'm completely happy with my efforts!   I may yet pull it all out and do it again to get the individual fans more uniform.   The next motif just dropped this past weekend.  Haven't printed it out yet though.....

And I just noticed I am 2 days away from a Blogversary!   Soooooooo...How about a little give away?  I was thinking I would give a Chart of Choice from HEAD (Heaven and Earth) to one lucky person who leaves a comment AND is a follower.  Since 2 days is too short a time for this to run.....I'll extend the time on this until Monday next week, February  25th at 10:00 am Central Time.  Winner will be chosen with a randomizer.  Good Luck everyone!

Have a wonderful day and keep on stitchin!


♥ Nia said...

beautiful stitching! all those animals look so cute =)

Monique said...

I love the frog really nice.