Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another full page of the pattern done! Whew! Thought I was going to go blind there for a bit on that page....some of the colors were almost the same as the material! I think I'll put this aside for a bit and give my eyes a chance to rest...
I'll work on the ornies I have planned for DD's office instead. I'll be doing a pattern out of JSC 2008 Ornament book by Scandinavian Stitches "Norweigan Reindeer". Will be my 1st ornie, so wish me luck!
I will also be ordering some of the materials for the cookbook project that my mom and I will be working on. Just had to wait for payday to arrive before I could place my order. Now that it is here, the order is going in.....once I get the materials, I can start stitching on that project too!
Today is COLD and rainy! But at least the thunder and lightening is staying away! to make a lovely pot of hot tea and gather my supplies for the ornies.....
Happy Stitching!

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