Tuesday, March 19, 2013

IHSW Update

Last weekend was IHSW (International Hermit Stitcher's Weekend).   I'm a little slow in updating.....but I worked on another square of the Stoney Creek Woodland Babies Afgan.  I was hoping to get the square completed.....but this was not the case.   Maybe it will be done today....

Just before the weekend started, I finished the fox square......

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a Great week to come!   Until next time!


Julie said...

Hello,just found your blog and became a follower.

Your Baby Blanket is just lovely and those knitted cow pattern bottoms are just so cute. :)

Anonymous said...


I've just found your blog through Julie and become a follower.
Your baby project is so very cute, love the fox!

Happy stitching!